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BEDEMON Will Unleash the Symphony in 2012!!!

It's been a long time coming - almost ten years since the original recording sessions in May 2002 - but 2012 will finally see the release of Symphony of Shadows, the first "official" BEDEMON release of new material ever. Consisting of nine original songs and clocking in at just shy of an hour with a number of tracks in the seven-to-ten-minute range, SoS will delight fans of classic vintage metal. Those lucky few who have heard it - and who then mysteriously "disappeared" - have remarked words to the effect of, "This sounds like it came out in the 70s!".

The exact spring release date is not determined as of yet and the European label will remain undisclosed for the time being, but the contract has been signed and the label has all the liner notes, photos and music.

It has been a ridiculously lengthy and pain-staking process to get this project finished but we are confident this will be one to blow the speakers out to. More details as they become finalized.


January 1st, 2011


Yes... yes, we know: it was supposed to be out in 2010. So what happened? To be perfectly blunt, getting a decent deal has turned out to be a lot harder than expected. 'The biz' isn't what it was even just 3-4 years ago; labels have folded or been absorbed by larger ones. Production and sales of physical product have been diminishing in favor of downloads, and the labels that are still around are getting tighter with their budgets. Being that this is a studio project and not a release by a current, touring, functioning band, there's less profit for the labels in terms of tour merchandise etc. Some labels expressed interest and said they'd work up an offer... and then never got back to us, and then ignored repeated e-mails and phone messages. Go figure. Virtually everyone that has heard the album, or even parts of it, has said it is a killer 70s-style heavy monster, so it isn't a problem with the material. It is both baffling and extremely frustrating! We want this out for the fans to finally hear. Randy's memory and music deserves a bit more respect and interest than we've gotten so far...

Having said that, we are currently in discussions - as in, literally within the past week - with labels and can say with 99.9% certainty that this long-in-the-works project will finally see the dark of night in the first half of 2011 on both CD and vinyl, and probably downloads as well.

You'll read about it here when we have some definite news...


Jan. 1st, 2010


BedemonWell, okay, the recording is 100% done, the mixing is 100% done, but the mastering is currently underway, as is finalizing the artwork (already selected).

The past two years have been spent recording the vocals and then mixing, fixing, tweaking and re-mixing until things were just right to everyone's satisfaction. A common reaction from the lucky few who have heard the final unmastered mix - and then sadly had to be executed - is, "Wow, that sounds like something from the 70s...", which really couldn't be a higher compliment. Another comment was, "This sounds like how PENTAGRAM might've sounded in the late 70's if they'd stayed together."

We're already checking out labels while the mastering is being completed and are absolutely confident this will finally see the dark of night sometime this year. It's been too long time a-comin' but thanks for hanging in there. We know meathooks are uncomfortable to say the least and gosh, it's downright chilly in those walk-in freezers. But, we like our fans fresh and tasty.


July 3rd, 2009


BedemonWhen Bobby Liebling's current line-up of PENTAGRAM played the House of Blues in Hollywood on July 3rd, 2009, it was not only the first time the band had ever toured the West Coast, it also marked the first time Geof and Bobby were in any contact in about a quarter of a century. "People are sometimes surprised to hear this," says Geof, "but I haven't had a single conversation, e-mail or anything with Bobby since the mid-80s. It was actually very emotional, and we had a great time before and after the gig...and the band were fantastic."

The actual face-to-face reunion was captured on video on the front porch of the House of Blues for possible inclusion in the upcoming documentary, Last Rites: The Fall and Rise of Bobby Liebling.

Feb. 2009


Such HawksReleased on DVD in February, Such Hawks Such Hounds: Scenes from the American Hard Rock Underground is a chronological overview of the heavy metal/stoner rock genre from the 70s to the present. It includes interviews and performances, and Geof is featured in a fairly lengthy segment discussing PENTAGRAM and the scene in the early 70s. While sadly no performance footage exists of the band, a number of their songs are heard in the film and many of Cameron Davidson's rehearsal photos are shown as well. The DVD can be purchased on Amazon and also at the film's official website at http://www.suchhawkssuchhounds.com where you can also view an outtake not on the DVD of Geof discussing the somewhat legendary PENTAGRAM and KISS meeting and the long-standing rumor about them wanting to buy some of the band's songs.